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Dark Lifted CBD, mango Izze, passion fruit syrup, mango syrup and strawberry syrup in a concentrated CBD drink.

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Kratom & kava extract

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Double-van & kava extract

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Kava extract + CBD mocktail

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Sweet Life

Lemon Lifted CBD, blackberry IZZE, vanilla and pomegranate.

Various Botanical Teas

Enjoy a variety of botanical teas like Matcha, Oolong, Blue Lotus, Chai, and more! Our kavatenders will be able to help you select the perfect tea for your day!

Rotating Exotic Kava

Kava from the Solomon Islands! This kava tends to produce a more relaxing and sedative effective than your Vanuatu or Fijian

CO2 Exotic Tea

Enjoy Peach Mango (Red/White) and Blueberry Lemon (Green) exotic tea with the addition of CO2 for that extra kick

Fijian (Waka) Kava

Low Tide or High Tide shells of 24hr brewed Fijian Kava.

Vanuatu Kava

Low Tide or High Tide Shell of Vanuatu. This kava tends to give more of a “heady” and euphoric feel.

Hot or Cold Exotic Tea

Hot Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Red Bali exotic tea