The Karma House

Dosed and Recovery Women’s Support Group

The Karma House

Need a safe space to talk about the amazing growth that you're making with a supportive feminine community? Look no further than the Dosed and Recovery Women's Support Group every Tuesday! No matter what stage of life or recovery you are at, you will be able to feel safe and heard in a community that […]

Improv Troupe

The Karma House

Come check out the fun and growth that is Improv Troupe! They meet every week and have a show once a month to showcase your amazing talents!

Open Mic Night

The Karma House

Have a talent that you want to showcase or grow with? Want to be able to get feedback from a loving community that wants to see you become a star? Well look no further because Karma House is the place to be for you especially every other Wednesday! Join Matt and the rest of his […]

Psychedelic Activists Group

The Karma House

Led by Chad, you and our rag-tag team of plant advocates/political advisors will get to meet up to discuss how we best can support the forward legalization of plant-based help across the metro area! Live the passion and fight for what you know is right so the word of healing can be spread to more […]

Brotherhood of the Shell

The Gift House 378 S Teller Street, Lakewood, CO

Welcome to Brotherhood of the Shell where you can meet with your fellow brothers every week to discuss how you've been, what you've been working on as well as something interesting that makes you, well YOU! Even if you need a safe space to vent, we will be here with you as you grow to […]