The Karma House is a 501(c)3 non-profit, created to educate the Colorado community on the benefits of kava and other alternatives as well as establishing a community that has the desire to make this world a better place. Whether it be through donating to charitable causes or hosting events that provide love, laughter, and joy to all, we know we can leave a positive impact.
We are a socially conscious organization purveying alternative products and services which promote a healthy and active lifestyle. By focusing on community and unity our mission is to improve the lives of our guests and donate proceeds to help impact the lives of our local community struggling with houselessness as well local causes.


Our ultimate mission is to spread awareness to our local community about kava and other alternative products that can help, not only better lives, but save some too! Kava is an alcohol alternative that has allowed so many individuals struggling or in recovery to find an alternative and maintain sobriety. The Karma House strives to maintain a safe and sober environment for all individuals in our community.

Alongside providing a safe space, we are striving to build a program that cant positively impact those in our local community experiencing houselessness. Our Recently Launched Project- Karma Cares, is off to a great start! See Community Service for More Details

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